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I post everything vintage, sometimes modern stuff and in rare ocations, personal stuff. If you like vintage and retro stuff and dont bother to see some royalty in the middle, you re welcome!

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In some royal gathering C 1887….

1)Gdss Olga Alexandrovna is soo happy to be there in Hvidore!! look at her tiny face!!. I bet she was excited to run in those huge and green gardens!

2)Pss Alexandra of Wales had her mind somewhere else„,

3)Bertie is like “What im doing here?!! i rather be having some kinky fun with some of my mistresses”

4)Crownprincess Lovisa of Denmark is striking her best pose. No one saw her or aprreciated it so she decided to look dull and sour in the rest of the group pics.

5)What in the earth is Max of Baden doing there?!. Maybe looking for a bride? ;)

6)Toria is sad and upset cause her dear Nicky told her he was in love with her cousin. And Nicky is happy thinking in his beautiful Alix of Hesse

7)Queen Louise of Denmark had an awful day and she wanna make public display of that.

8)Tsar Alexander III is happy and joy as always. 

I love to study the faces of group images. Every each of them had an story to tell…. (and if i had a better english, i could do better!)

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    Queen Louise is 300% done with everything, especially Bertie’s cigar.
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    This is perfect! Oh my dear, I never noticed the young Nicky behind Toria there. Poor girl, he was such a looker ;)
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