Tempus fugit, mors venit....


Im a proud CHILEAN gal from Viña del mar!

I post everything vintage, sometimes modern stuff and in rare ocations, personal stuff. If you like vintage and retro stuff and dont bother to see some royalty in the middle, you re welcome!

Everyting i upload here is MARKED, so, you better think twice before download and upload in your blog....

Its all about tiaras!

1-Queen Sylvia and Queen Sophie nine prong tiara

2-Pss Martha Louise of Norway and the Queen Maud pearl tiara

3-Tatiana and the Greek antique corsage tiara

4-Crownprincess Mary of Denmark and her midnight tiara

5-Pss Desiree Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen using one of her mother s (Pss Birgitta) tiara. 

6-Sophie, countess of Essex and the Five aquamarine tiara

7-Pss Takamado of Japan and a fine diamond-pearl tiara

8-Crownprincess Mette Marit of Norway and the Amethyst necklace tiara

9-And finally, but not less, Pss Theodora of Greece and a new (at least for me) tiara. It would be her sister Alexia´s tiara, but im not sure

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